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David A. Kaminker, LAc, MSOM

David is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) and holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). He is also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) in the State of New Mexico. He has a full-time clinical practice, in which he integrates Japanese acupuncture of the Ki Shin Po tradition, Chinese acupuncture in the style of Dr. Richard Tan and Master Tung, Chinese herbal medicine, and Visionary Craniosacral Work®. David is certified as a NARM Informed Professional, having completed the Level One Professional Training in NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) for healing complex trauma.


Specializing in pain relief and somatic inquiry, David embraces a trauma-informed approach to healing, with the intention of restoring self-agency, cultivating safety, and establishing consent within the therapeutic environment.


David found his passion in the healing arts at the age of eighteen...

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Ashland, Oregon


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These few words are enough.
If not these words, this breath.
If not this breath, this sitting here.

This opening to life
we have refused
again and again
until now.

Until now.

- David Whyte

David A Kaminker   Acupuncture   Craniosacral Therapy   Ashland Oregon

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