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Best Acupuncturist in Ashland! I've been to countless practitioners over the years and David is truly the best. No other practitioners have been able to address my chronic pain. After one session with David, my back pain was completely gone! I couldn't believe it. Like magic! 

~ Eric P., Ashland, OR

David Kaminker brings a presence to his work that is beyond any other acupuncture I have received. His approach is quite still and subtle. His technique is completely non-invasive, as where some acupuncturists like to stimulate and help get things flowing painfully, David's sense and keen awareness is present with every touch, which has deep profound results.

~ Alfred Blea, Ashland, OR

Best CranioSacral Therapy I've ever had. I typically respond well to CranioSacral work, but what David does is "Cranio-Plus!" I don't know what he's doing, but after every session I feel deeply transformed! 

~ Layla T., Ashland, OR


As a patient and colleague of David Kaminker, I cannot say enough good things about him. His remarkable personal integrity shines through in every interaction, both inside and outside of the treatment room. In addition to being a highly skilled massage therapist, craniosacral therapist and acupuncturist/DOM [Doctor of Oriental Medicine], his conscious, compassionate touch brings more to his work than any amount of training or knowledge ever could. I have recommended David without hesitation to dozens of clients and have never received anything but outstanding feedback about him. David is a gifted healer and an exceptional person.

~ Rain Mateevici, Santa Fe, NM


A Personal Testimonial:
Gaining through Loss​

Dr. David Kaminker became my Acupuncturist at a most crucial time in my life. Having been notified of the sudden passing of a lifetime partner and soul mate, I was experiencing excruciating pains in the body for months. After the first treatment, there was a realization that much of the physical pain in the body was a reflection of emotional pain of the spirit. There occurred a direct communication of higher energies which resulted in a release and “letting go” of the emotional as well as physical pains in my body. My treatment consisted of Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine,craniosacral therapy and intuitive integrative bodywork.

I am deeply thankful for having Dr. David Kaminker as my professional Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I recommend him to anyone who is seeking healing through a ‘highly intuitive integrative bodywork approach.’ With much gratitude,

~ Jennie R. Quan, Santa Fe, NM


I have been to see David Kaminker for several issues over the last few years. The first time was for tennis elbow and it was like he did a magic trick with the acupuncture needles. He tested the pain in the right elbow and then placed some needles in my left knee and ankle and then tested the pain again and it was nearly all gone immediately. 
Another time I went in for a queasy stomach that wouldn't go away. He gave me some Chinese herbs to drink and while I think most people would be challenged by the taste, I actually liked the way it tasted like earth. In any case it fixed me up completely.
The latest thing was my left shoulder had been oddly impinged when trying to raise it up (like when you put on a coat). Once again, a few needles and it improved greatly. Of course I went in a few more times to make sure the channel stayed open. 
I like to combine the acupuncture session with a cranio-sacral session. 
David is so calm and thoughtful. I know I can count on him to really pay attention to what I need. 
I cannot recommend him more highly. If you schedule an appointment you might want to schedule two or three a few days apart because he is super busy and tends to be booked out a long ways. Absolutely worth the wait!

~ Sophia B., Ashland OR

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